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    6 Tips for Work-Life Balance

    How would you rate yourself with achieving work-life balance?  If you rate yourself with high marks, congratulations!  I want to hear your strategies!  If you rate yourself less than perfect, join the club.  Most of us feel like we can always improve a bit in this category.  Our work-life balance ebbs and flows; it changes throughout the course of our careers based on variables tied to work, family, personal interests and maturity.  Here are some tips that I’ve seen work for many people including myself: 1. Love what you do. You’ve heard this mantra about selecting a career your whole life.  Why?  Because you’re going to spend the majority of your…

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    Building Effective Teams – Quick & Easy Cheat Sheet

    What leader doesn’t want to build an effective team?  In today’s world, it’s an absolute must.  Businesses are in the midst of competition like we’ve never seen before.  Technology has enabled us to work faster, differently, and innovate more.  To top it off, the war for talent is intense.  All of these factors put pressure on leaders and organizations to develop and foster high performing teams.  There are many tactics to building a strong team, and they come easily to some leaders while others feel overwhelmed.  So, where do we start?  Here are a few quick tips I’ve seen proven to get results: Play to their strengths.  Strong leaders recognize that…

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    5 Tips to Make Mentoring Work

    Are successful mentoring relationships one of those mythical unicorns of the professional world, or are they real? In my experience, they are very real and worth exploring, no matter where you are at in your career development.  Let’s face it, though…we’ve probably all experienced at least one mentoring relationship that felt awkward, forced, or like a waste of valuable time.  For a variety of reasons, I’ve seen mentoring relationships either make it or break it, flip or flop, sink or swim, sizzle or fizzle. Here are a few key tips that can make mentoring relationships more effective for both parties: 1. You get out of it what you’re willing to…

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