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    My first blog post!

    Thanks for checking out my very first blog post!  After rolling around the idea of developing a blog for the past year or so, I finally bit the bullet and decided to do it.  This was a lengthy decision-making process for me.  I felt lured to blogging, but felt very intimidated by the details.  I kept telling myself I shouldn’t blog because: I’m not famous.  Who am I to publish my thoughts and experiences on the internet?  I mean, beyond Facebook? I’m not perfect.  Why would people want to read about my life? I do not have a narrow subject matter expertise.  I am not an expert at any one…

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    Another Year Behind, Another Year Ahead…

    It has been a lengthy minute since my last post. And with good reason. The 2nd half of 2018 was a year of major changes for our family. The most notable season of change occurred in autumn, when two of our children started at new schools, we changed our childcare arrangements, and I started a new position within my company at a new location.  During this time of transition to our new routine, any energy I once had left at the end of the day for writing down my thoughts was absolutely non-existent! I will be completely transparent and say that I STILL do not have the zest for writing that…

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    Surviving My 1st 50K

    If you’ve been following my blog, you might recall me sharing that I’ve always benefited from considering my fitness journey as a long-term, lifelong journey as opposed to any short-term goal.  However, I’ve set various short-term fitness goals throughout life to stay motivated to remain active and healthy including completing 13 half-marathons, 1 marathon, 3 50-mile relays, 3 sprint distance triathlons, and most recently an ultra-marathon. Last fall, I set a goal to PR (set a personal record) during a spring half-marathon. I knew this would be tough as it would mean lots of dreadmill runs during the dark, icy Wisconsin winter. Also, my previous PR was from 7 years…

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    Husbands Are Blessings…Really!

    (Featured image photo credit: Ever Be Photography) May is a very special month in our household. It’s the month where we get to celebrate my daughter’s birthday, my husband’s birthday, Mother’s Day and our wedding anniversary! I see so many articles criticizing husbands and fathers, and seriously I just wish I saw more recognizing them for the blessings that they are. There is an overwhelming stereotype that guys are lousy incapable husbands and fathers most of the time. And therefore, we women in their lives must complain about their inadequacies and nag them for all of the things we wish they did differently.  Is it surprising women feel this way?…

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    Earth Day

    It’s Earth Day, today!  Like many of us, I find myself marveling often at the majestic beauty of our planet.  We are so blessed to be living this life among our Mother’s trees, streams, oceans, valleys and mountain tops.    There is one planet like ours; no other planets offer the same air, water, shelter or lifeforms (that we know of!). My love for hiking, walking, running, biking and traveling all stem from my appreciation of our planet and her endless beauty.  Every venture outdoors is one that brings fresh gratitude for our great fortune of living this blessed adventure.  I can’t think of one location that I’ve traveled to…

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    Running Gear Review – 9 Favorites

    Part of the battle with prepping for an endurance race is finding the right gear to make your training and racing performance reach their peak.  In an attempt to save you some blisters, chafing, and general discomfort, I’ve listed some of my favorite functional running gear: Under Armour Tech Twist T Shirt This shirt is super breathable, which is clutch for this sweaty runner!  I usually run in tanks due to the fact that I get so hot, but this tee has been a bit of a game changer! Nike Women’s Power Training Capris What I love about these running tights is they have just the right amount of both…

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    6 Tips for Work-Life Balance

    How would you rate yourself with achieving work-life balance?  If you rate yourself with high marks, congratulations!  I want to hear your strategies!  If you rate yourself less than perfect, join the club.  Most of us feel like we can always improve a bit in this category.  Our work-life balance ebbs and flows; it changes throughout the course of our careers based on variables tied to work, family, personal interests and maturity.  Here are some tips that I’ve seen work for many people including myself: 1. Love what you do. You’ve heard this mantra about selecting a career your whole life.  Why?  Because you’re going to spend the majority of your…

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    Weathering the Storm

    Have you ever experienced times in your life that haven’t gone your way?  I’m not really talking about spilling coffee on your white shirt here…have you ever experienced really tough life events?  Maybe you have lost a loved one, your pet, or a job.  Maybe you have lost a marriage or even your health. Then what?  What did you do next?  How did you move forward? I believe that the way people react to serious setbacks in life strongly influences the trajectory of their quality of life thereafter.  In my previous blog post, 6 Tips for Living a Happy Life, I talked about the value of focusing on things within…

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    Last week, two of my very close friends sent me nearly identical texts without knowing it.  “We had the best speaker at church today!  You would have loved him!”  My friends know me very well, and after watching their church service online, I was hooked on Dr. Kelly Flanagan.  One of my friends also included a link to the speaker’s viral blog post, Words From a Father to His Daughter (From the Makeup Isle).  As I read the blog post, every word hit home.  Yes.  Yes, a million times over.  “Where are you the most beautiful?  On the inside.”  Dr. Kelly Flanagan’s words in this blog post were so perfectly…

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    Baked Salmon & Butternut Squash

    My family eats salmon once or twice a week.  I’m a pescatarian, meaning a vegetarian who also eats seafood.  Salmon is a super healthy alternative to other more traditional proteins such as chicken, beef or pork.  There are thousands of yummy ways to prepare and serve salmon, but our go-to method 3/4’s of the year is to bake it.  The other 1/4, we grill it.  Either way, salmon is a super fast, easy, and healthy meal option! Extremely heart-healthy, salmon is a great source of Omega 3’s, Protein, B12, B6, Vitamin D, plus key minerals.  Read more about the health benefits of salmon here. This week, we had baked salmon…

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    Vacation Gear: 12 Essential Items for the Family

    We are quickly approaching high season for family spring-break vacations, so I thought it would be helpful to share what gear worked for us on our recent trip.  You can see the full travel recap here, if you haven’t already.  I hope something on this list helps you save time shopping for essentials and accessories so you can just enjoy the blessed adventure!  Nothing made the list unless we tried it and loved it. 12 Tested and Approved Vacation Essentials: Roxy Ocean Side Shorts – These are some of the most comfortable shorts ever!  Super light-weight linen with a drawstring waist.  These were my go-to shorts all day long to pull…

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