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Earth Day

It’s Earth Day, today!  Like many of us, I find myself marveling often at the majestic beauty of our planet.  We are so blessed to be living this life among our Mother’s trees, streams, oceans, valleys and mountain tops.    There is one planet like ours; no other planets offer the same air, water, shelter or lifeforms (that we know of!).

My love for hiking, walking, running, biking and traveling all stem from my appreciation of our planet and her endless beauty.  Every venture outdoors is one that brings fresh gratitude for our great fortune of living this blessed adventure.  I can’t think of one location that I’ve traveled to that I haven’t explored on foot.  There’s just a whole other level of understanding a destination by exploring on your feet (or a bike)…you have time to take in the sights, smells, sounds, and culture of the area in much more detail than you do when traveling via car.

Our family does a lot to try to take care of our planet responsibly, but we can always improve in this area!  The biggest way that we control our footprint is by eating a mostly plant-based diet.  I mentioned in a previous post that I am a vegetarian, but also eat eggs, dairy (who doesn’t love cheese?!) & seafood/fish.  My family normally eats what I eat, but eats meat when someone prepares it for them.  The question I’m asked the most by others is “What made you decide to become a vegetarian?”  Living in the mid-west, it isn’t all too common.

I believe that eating a vegetarian diet is healthier for my body.  Not only have I read many sources of information backing up this theory, I also feel much better when I eat this way.  I transitioned to eating a plant-based diet when I was in my mid 20’s.  Prior to that, I would eat meats and feel very tired, lethargic, and sick to my stomach after my meals.  It is extremely rare for me to feel that way after a meal that is plant-based or even after eating fish.  Instead, my energy level picks up and I don’t get that heavy stomach feeling.

I have a huge heart.  I’m that person who cries when I drive past a semi loaded with cattle headed for their spot in line to become a cheeseburger.  The only reason I even eat fish is due to the fact that when I tried veganism I experienced severe dry eyes and skin.  My optometrist recommended fish oil pills, and to me it was just as bad as simply eating the fish.  So I eat the fish.    

I believe that vegetarian diets are better for the planet.  I am not the type of person who thinks that because eating a veggie diet works for me that it should be chosen by everyone.  We are all a little unique and different when it comes to our health, physiology and ideal diet.  That being said, I do think that if those of us who can feel healthy by eating vegetarian all did so, we could make a very positive impact on our Mother Earth.  There are just too many humans living here to have to raise meat for.  The environmental impact is enormous.  You can either grow plants to feed people or grow plants to feed animals to feed people…and figure out how to deal with all of the waste from the animals and all of the people!

Again, I’m not pushing my dietary choices on anyone else.  Rather, I’m sharing one of the things I do to try to help our beautiful Earth.  I also struggle to remember to shut off the lights, use less water, and bring my reusable shopping bags from the car into the grocery store!  Hopefully by next Earth Day I will raise my success percentage on those from about 25% to 80%!

I’d love to hear from you about what you do to preserve our Earth!  Happy Earth Day! 

I am not claiming to be an expert in any one topic. I am simply sharing my thoughts and opinions that are mine and not anyone else’s. Feel free to agree or disagree accordingly! Thanks for reading.



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