Work It Out

What are your fitness goals?

Where are you with your fitness journey?

My own personal fitness goals revolve around sustainability.  So far, I’ve made it to age 37 leading an active lifestyle.  This is important to me for a bunch of reasons, but mostly it boils down to the fact that I just feel better when I’m active – both physically and mentally.  I love to run, so this has always been a part of my routine fitness plan.  I also walk, hike, do yoga, & strength train.

Sustainability is probably the biggest hurdle we face when it comes to achieving our fitness goals.  So many of us either get hurt or burn out mentally because we can’t find a schedule or workout intensity that is appropriate for our phase of life.  And believe me, I completely understand how complicated it is to find a sustainable fitness plan!  There are so many variables to conquer: time, work schedules, children, family obligations, energy levels, current fitness levels being mismatched to our expectations, weather, daylight, lack of sleep, kids sporting events, taxiing children from here to there, hobbies, friends, etc.

I’ve always benefited from considering my fitness journey as a long-term, lifelong journey as opposed to any short-term goal.  For example, right now I’m training for a spring half-marathon.  I’ve done several in the past, and I will probably do a bunch more in the future.  The next 3 months will be focused on avoiding injury, strengthening my body, and increasing my efficiency in preparation for race day.  After the race, the weather will start to warm up, the days will be brighter longer, and I will most likely run on the treadmill a lot less.  Instead, I’ll run outside with my husband and kids, enjoying the weather (we only get about 2-3 months of nice weather here in Wisconsin!).  My point here is that my fitness routine doesn’t always look the same.  I go through seasons and cycles of different elements that work for me based on the variables in my life at that particular time.  My hope for all of us is that we can find the fitness plan that we enjoy the most, and that we can sustain our fitness throughout our many seasons of life.  Cheers to a healthy you!

I’m sharing below a summary of my workouts this week.  Like I said before, I am training for a half marathon now, but you can easily adjust the workout plan by subbing in any other cardio for the running (walking, hiking, rowing, biking, swimming, etc.).  You’ll notice I have a lot of time spent running at an easy effort.  This is proven to be a key component for building aerobic base while allowing your body to get stronger and avoid injury.  I used to ignore the term “easy” in a race plan, thinking I just wasn’t fit enough for running to feel easy.  Recently, I finally started taking the advice of the experts and slowed down the majority of my training.  About 20% of my effort is moderate or hard intensity.  I’ve had some promising improvement in my training runs, making me believe in the system.  I guess I will see on race day whether or not it leads me to a half-marathon PR.  Wish me luck!

My hope is that me sharing my journey with you will in some way help you with yours! 

Gear I’m Loving:

(I will ONLY share gear if I’ve Chafe-Tested it during my 2-hour long runs and it has ZERO rub)

NIKE Women’s Running Crops

Champion Sports Bra from Target

What I’m Recovering With:

It’s so important to EAT a nutrient-dense mix of protein and carbs after you work out!  Aim to do this within 45 minutes after you finish your workout.  My hubby loves to replenish with chia seeds mixed into greek yogurt.  I’ve been digging veggie protein meal replacement powder mixed with almond milk or (for a special treat with some energy) XX Espresso cold brew.










Nature’s Intent Organic Chia Seed

Garden of Life Meal Replacement – Many flavors


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