This Blessed Adventure

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Family Matters

As a married mom of 3, much of my focus is with my immediate and extended family.  Through family, I’ve confirmed life is in fact too short, battles need to be chosen carefully, and adaptability is a valuable life skill.

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For my own mental and physical health, I devote my “free time” between work and family obligations to living an active lifestyle.  Running, hiking, backpacking, walking, yoga, and cross training are my favorite hobbies.

Food is Fuel

I am a pescatarian, otherwise known as a veg-head who also eats fish.  I sometimes cook other lean proteins for my family.  I hope to share some enjoyable healthy recipes sure to keep you feeling nourished.


I love to travel.  Lots of us do!  My spouse, family and I have had the opportunity to travel to some beautiful (and some not so beautiful) locations.  I’ll cover functional travel tips as well as other travel reviews and stories.

Personal & Professional Development

My education and career have been focused on people and development.  I have a Master’s in Human Resources Management from Marquette University and 15 years of work experience in HR within multi billion dollar companies.  If you enjoy to grow and improve skills as much as I do, you will appreciate this content!

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